Why use a mortgage broker?

MFAA - Your Trusted Mortgage Broker

Nearly half of Australian home buyers now use a mortgage broker to find them the home loan that is in their best interest.

Our knowledge of the home finance market and the assistance of specialised lending software to help you find the home loan that is in your best interest now, but with the flexibility for future changes. We take over the legwork and guide you through the application process until your home loan is settled.

As your agent we navigate around roadblocks and stay on top of issues and escalations to ensure all loan offers are issued and settle in a timely manner. By also work closely with each banks BDM's we are privy to current deals and obtain competitive pricing discretion against even the best advertised rates.

Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) member brokers are backed by education, ethics and a commitment to excellence. You can find out more by visiting www.mfaa.com.au

Why use a Mortgage broker?

A broker can...

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Save you time

The choices now available in the mortgage market can seem limitless and completely overwhelming. Work with a broker who already has that knowledge.

Give you choice

Most brokers have a panel of lenders from whom they can source a loan for you.

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Help find the right loan

A loan with the lowest rate may not give you the options you want. A good broker will examine your circumstances and future plans to recommend a loan that is right for you.

Help you avoid pitfalls

Many products seem to offer a great deal, but may include penalties, fees, and charges that aren't obvious. A broker can help avoid taking out a loan you may later regret.

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